"Hasn’t good come out of your obsessions?"
"At first. But I have followed them for too long. I am their slave. And one day, they’ll choose to destory me."

You’re the type that masturbates to the person they like, aren’t you, Ruby?

since I’m a huge Fate fan on top of being a RWBY fan, you can never not convince me that Weiss and Rin aren’t soul twins. they wanted the strongest person on their team (Saber for Rin; Pyrrha for Weiss), but get this red and black clad unknown (Archer and Ruby). quote comes from this infamous scene.


so i’m STILL seeing people getting just about every saber confused, and really i shouldn’t be mad anymore cause with how many there are now, it’s just getting a bit ridiculous

so i’ve done this little project in the span of 15 minutes to help you all out. 

and if you’re still confused after reading this, don’t worry i’m bad at power points. but hopefully it’s a start

sources: arturia / nero / alter / lily’s artist or work has been deleted / mordred

Lancer | Fate/Stay Night

Artist: BADON

Coloring: Me

Saber | Fate/Stay Night

Artist: BADON

Coloring: Me