Okay, so. It’s late and I’ve been practicing how to get better used to SAI and I just do not have many of my inhibitions right now to care, but now I’m gonna unveil the other AU I was gonna work on if I actually didn’t go with the Future Team RWBY AU (I had both ideas planned out around the same time, I just chose to go with the Future AU for the time being). And this AU is going to be kind of long and convoluted, but hey, here we go:

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This layout popped out in my mind once I finished reading the CinderubyAU designed by Funblade.

I love the part when Weiss tries to save Cinder. This part has the power to make people tear. “(well, some things don’t change)"<-last straw which made me sob, and the following parts just made the sob worse ;___;

So it seems that I started to ship Cinder(Ruby) and Weiss.

Bless your soul, Xenon. Bless!

WOW ok that Cinderuby AU is something I both did and did not need in my life it physically pains me what have you done (you are incredible. thank you). I was thinking about it and realised something. "Ruby Rose, you... Have silver eyes." When Ozpin says this, perhaps he'd only met the Cinder version of Ruby, who has Blake's gold eyes. It's not the most important detail ever, I just thought it was interesting. Thank you again for the beautiful artworks and AU idea! :)

Ahaha, that was what I was going for, yes! I was hoping someone would catch that detail.

Maaaaan now I see fluffy white rose and I'm all like *sob* CinderRuby probably experienced something like this. Well played good sir, Well played...

I’m still waiting for some angsty Cinderuby/Weiss fics and stuff… I should just call this Ashen Rose as a ship name. The rose was white, but now its petals are burnt and covered with the ashes of what could’ve been.


Which means you… haven’t been thinking up scenarios and headcanons for it? Okay. Okay. Lemme just tell you this thing in the Cinderuby AU where Cinder and Yang are arguing and Yang has her forearm pressed against Cinder’s throat because they are both just that close to actual violence, and Cinder just laughs softly and says, “You know, that kind of blind, familial devotion is exactly the kind of thing that can get you killed.”

Because Ruby could only watch as Yang died in her timeline. She tried to reach her, but couldn’t. Weiss died in her arms, so Cinder developed a slight aversion to touching Weiss because it just springs up that memory in her head. Cinder likes to keep an eye on where Blake is because, you know.

Right. I did a live stream for my waifu amipiai last night, and these are the results. I really didn’t know what to draw so I just had her give suggestions. Thank you all who came in and joined and gave support! I’ll probably do more, if that’s the case.

Also, yes, preview of an updated design on Weiss’ cape/pauldron. Larger version here.





that Cinderuby AU though


watch as my heart shatters into a thousand pieces, yet again

This gif is a literal accurate representation of what Ruby’s life broke down to, only less comical.

funblade i absolutely love you but you are a monster

Kei’s got it right it’s not a proper AU unless Ruby is crying imo

This is very true. Ruby only cried and died inside about… nine times over? Then at the end, Weiss, Blake, and Yang cried because they couldn’t save Cinder. In a way, all of Team RWBY died for one timeline…


I bet no one knew, I got no one new
I know I said I’m through, but got love for you
But I’m not lovin’ you, the way I wanted to

Planning to do more stuff for this AU o’ mine. I guess some things haven’t changed between them.


a really gay art trade with kei

she wanted cinderuby/weiss (i also added a nice bonus)  ∩(︶▽︶)∩


wait hold up, what is the cinderuby au? i've never heard of it!
Differences Between the Two AUs I Have

future!ruby: I lost an eye and forearm, but at least I didn’t lose you [Weiss]!
Cinderuby: I lost everyone my life is a garbled mess press the reset button

Future!Ruby looks disfigured and asymmetrical.

Cinderuby looks hot. Literally.

The trade off.

i feel like after cinder reveals herself to be ruby, weiss has a "oh no she's hoooooot" moment in her mind

Cinder notices her staring and sends her that red-lipped smirk that smolders her insides.

Weiss wants to press charges on that because that is just so illegal.

Sidenote: Cinder makes barbed insults and jabs at this attraction but never says anything about her own feelings, given what happened.

Except in fic. Or RP.

Right, machinekeys?

When Cinder was still Ruby, she had to tie up loose ends. A lot of loose ends.

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Author’s Note: Written for funblade's Cinderuby AU. Essentially, Cinder is a Worst End version of Ruby who has reset time to try and fix the mistakes that lead to the death of her team. In this case, the fix is pretty terrible. 

Warning for suicide and significant character death (although it’s of alternate selves and not the main crew), but if you can’t stand characters dying in any circumstance, don’t click past the cut. 

Equivalent exchange, as it turned out, didn’t account for time being reset. It didn’t cleanse the body and soul of entropy, or allow mercy where there was not any before. No cat or demon or uncertainty principle assuaged the hunger of the universe when it came howling for blood, even if the toll had been reckoned and paid in another life. She wanted to save four lives now, and thus, four deaths were demanded in their place.

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