There is so much to analyse in this short scene.
  • The way Lightning approaches him. She’s not coming forward just to take back her knife; you can see that she doesn’t settle into the place she’s stepped forward to. She continues to move forward, after having not seen Hope or how he’s overcome his struggles and challenges.
  • Her facial expression when he tells her he couldn’t attack Snow out of revenge for his mother. That mixed, swelling emotion of both relief and anguish, that he made the right decision without her overlooking the situation. That he didn’t need to bloody his hands in order to cope with his life, unlike hers.
  • The inability to express her joy upon his return with words. To see that he’d survived not only the ordeal with Snow, but endured the enemies and was able to put aside the resentment he had in order to make it through and continue living. His shock is emphasized by his lack of response.
  • Hope’s eye movements. After exclaiming her name, he takes a moment to absorb her words, her actions, how powerful they are, especially for someone as solitary and hard as Lightning. Still in shock, he fumbles with words, trying to requite the commitment she’s suddenly declared to him.
  • Lightning’s attempt to lighten the mood. And failing. She pulls back and pokes his head playfully, like siblings might act. Watch her eyes, and brows; the expression she can’t hold in and breathes out, the quiver in her lip as she squints to hold back the tears, arm ever lingering on his shoulder, afraid that, should she let go, he’ll disappear just like her parents, and she’ll be alone once more.

God these characters are just so beautiful, people really don’t appreciate the development put into them.

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